Easy Ways to Maintain Foot Health

Keeping your feet healthy is not uncommon for you. In fact, maintaining healthy feet is beneficial for overall body health. and there are various foot treatments that are easy to do.

Conscious or not, foot health is important to support a variety of daily activities, such as standing and walking. Maintaining foot health can support your activities running optimally.

Various Foot Treatments That Can Be Done

Some of the problems that often arise on the feet are dry skin, canthus blisters due to ingrown nails, and nail fungal infections. These problems can interfere with your overall body health, as well as your activities.

To maintain foot health and prevent foot disorders, there are six ways you can do, namely:

  • Keep feet clean
    Cleaning your feet regularly with soap and warm water is a simple step you can take to maintain healthy feet. Avoid rubbing too hard, because it can reduce natural oils from the skin. After that, don’t forget to dry the feet until they are completely dry, to prevent fungus from growing.
  • Apply moisturizer
    After cleaning your feet, don’t forget to use moisturizers or lotions. Apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type, so that the skin of the foot is not dry. You can also use petroleum jelly-based moisturizers.
  • Do massage
    Want to pamper yourself but still have a positive impact on your health? Foot massage can be one of the answers. Although it seems trivial, foot massage is beneficial for blood circulation and reduces leg muscle tension. You can do your own foot massage at home using or your favorite lotion. You can also choose essential oils with the preferred aroma, while also being useful for relieving stress.
  • Use comfortable shoes
    Using shoes that are comfortable and in accordance with the size of the feet, can keep blood circulation in the legs remain smooth. It is recommended to buy shoes in the afternoon, because the size of the feet at that time tends to be bigger. So that the chosen shoe size is not too small and will be comfortable to use throughout the day. In addition to avoid irritation to the skin of the foot, make sure that the shoes you use also choose to have thick soles, with the top made of soft material. Then in order not to smell the feet, don’t forget to regularly change socks, especially if you use closed shoes.
  • Routinely cut nails
    You also should not miss nail care to get healthy feet. You can cut your nails regularly, or whenever you start feeling uncomfortable with the length of your nails. Even so, avoid cutting the nail too short or too close to the nail arch, because it can increase the risk of canting.
  • Regular exercise
    Regular leg stretches can help reduce leg pain. In addition, sports such as jogging, walking, and weight training can be done to train flexibility and strength in leg muscles. The sport is not only able to maintain foot health, but also blood circulation throughout the body, so that it is beneficial for the health of the heart and vessels. blood. Warm up before exercising, and cool down after exercise, to reduce the risk of injury and cramps in the leg muscles.

Healthy feet begin with a healthy lifestyle. You also need to be aware of several conditions and diseases that can affect foot health, such as obesity, osteoporosis and diabetes. Therefore, you are advised to maintain ideal body weight, regulate nutrient intake, and maintain normal blood sugar levels.

To supplement your nutritional needs, you can eat foods or drinks that are rich in omega-3, calcium, and vitamin D, such as salmon, fish oil, cheese, milk, and yogurt. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you have complaints about foot health.