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Benefits of Jumping Rope for Body Health

You may already know or have done skipping or jumping rope. For those who haven’t, the benefits of jumping rope or skipping are good for your heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) fitness. Find out the benefits and how to properly jump rope here. Jump rope is included in the jump sports group which aims to […]

Various Benefits of Cloves for Health

Cloves are one of the versatile herbs that are often used in making food, drinks, and even as a mixture in making cigarettes. Behind these uses, cloves are also often used as traditional medicines. So, what are the benefits of clove for body health? Cloves that have the Latin name Syzygium Aromaticum are dried flower […]

Easy Ways to Maintain Foot Health

Keeping your feet healthy is not uncommon for you. In fact, maintaining healthy feet is beneficial for overall body health. and there are various foot treatments that are easy to do. Conscious or not, foot health is important to support a variety of daily activities, such as standing and walking. Maintaining foot health can support […]